These are workshops we are currently doing. Click the Sign Up Here link to sign up.

  • Between Starshine and Clay: A Framework for Teaching Enslavement to Promote Empowerment and Empathy -  This virtual workshop equips teachers, equity practitioners, and administrators with resources that support engagement with America's history of enslavement as both a content area and opportunity for social-emotional learning in English, History, Social Studies, Art History, and Science courses. Sign up Here

  • Jim Huckleberry - A Free Virtual Performance Reading - Join us for a ride down the Mississippi River as Mike Molina reads from his lates novel in verse, Jim Huckleberry. Nov. 7, 2020 6-7:30 pm EST Sign Up Here


These are previous workshops. If one seems interesting, contact us to learn more.

  • Using Design Thinking to Create Culturally Responsive Classrooms -- For educators and school administrators, this workshop/training gives the basics of Stanford D-School design thinking principles and takes participants through a practical application of those principles in designing culturally responsive learning environments.

  • The Parent-Teacher-Community Model: Using the Network Model to Engage School Stakeholders -- For educators, parents, and school administrators, and stakeholders, this workshop gives practical tools for building a strong, active, and engaged organization of school stakeholders based upon innovative and widely accepted organizational principals. Learn how to build a sustainable school leadership organization from the ground up with Michael's experience leading a start-up charter school as a real life example. 

  • How to Teach Enslavement for Empathy and Empowerment -- For educators and school Administrators, this workshop helps teachers conceptualize a framework for teaching slavery that promotes empathy and empowerment. By framing slavery through the lens of how African-Americans showed resiliency, waged resistance, and rose up out of oppression, this workshop offers lessons to any community seeking to understand the power of the human will to overcome oppression.

  • Eisenhower's Mic Drop: A New National Anthem? -- For ages 14 to adult, this interactive presentation introduces Eisenhower's warning about the danger of a "Military Industrial Complex" and investigates The Star Spangled Banner and Lift Every Voice and Sing (two poems that became songs and unofficial American anthems) as raw material for the construction of personal/community/national anthems focused on unity in progress. Features images, audio, and interactive activities.

  • Why Language? -- For grades 9th-12th, this workshop explores the nature of language as "humanity's first and most enduring technology" in order to introduce students to the concept of dialectics as way to use language to have constructive dialogue.   Features images, audio, and interactive activities.

  • The Magical Realism of Race - For grades 9th-12th, this workshop explores some basic elements of the literary genre of Magical Realism in order to encourage and empower critical thinking around race. Features images, audio, and interactive activities.

  • Be Encouraged:  Moving from Individual to Collective Agency - For grades 6th-12th, this performance presentation contrasts and compares the stories of Rosa Parks and James Blake (the bus driver who told her to give up her seat), and introduces students to how individual agency can lead to collective agency, movement building and lasting change.  Features live performance, video, audio, and interactive activities.

  • Old School for the New School -- For grades 3-6, this workshop explores the five dimensions at the root of Hip Hop and teaches old school hip hop moves to young people to encourage confidence, collaboration, and community.

  • The Minecraft of Poetry - For grades 3-6, this workshop explores the basic elements of poetry and introduces some forms of poetry using the analogy of Minecraft and beautiful natural images to spark creativity and confidence in early writers.   Features images and interactive activity.