Modeling multi-modal teaching practices, this workshop equips teachers, equity practitioners, and administrators with resources that support engagement with America's history of enslavement as both a content area and opportunity for social-emotional learning in English, History, Social Studies, Art History, and Science courses. By providing a methodological framework for teaching slavery centered in the agency of the enslaved and their descendants, this workshop will prepare educators to promote empathy over guilt and empowerment over shame when engaging America's history of enslavement. 

Between Starshine and Clay

  • by Lucille Clifton


    won't you celebrate with me?

    what i have shaped into

    a kind of life? i had no model.

    born in babylon

    both nonwhite and woman

    what did i see to be except myself?

    i made it up

    here on this bridge between

    starshine and clay,

    my one hand holding tight

    my other hand; come celebrate

    with me that everyday

    something has tried to kill me

    and has failed.

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