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Set on a bus ride through New Orleans, this book is a poetic-prose rumination on life in the digital era of collective consciousness, for better and for worse. The Misbelief Tree wrestles with the beliefs, some mistaken and some enduring, that are challenged daily in our wild new world. 

Poetry born in the space between loss and acceptance, Catch the Squirrel is an introspection into the author's own remembrance of a brother lost. Full of humor, deep reflection, and the tender-pain of healing.

This pocket field guide chronicles the specific processes and steps to organize and put on Blowout Consciousness. Organized by an intergenerational grouping of organizers and musicians, Blowout Consciousness was a bi-monthly series of movement building and consciousness raising events featuring local New Orleans youth culture producers, social justice themed films, speakers, speak-outs, good food, and dancing.