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About Michael Otieno Molina

Having bloomed from New Orleans public schools to Yale Law, Michael brings an earthy fire with a worldly perspective as a writer, performance poet, storyteller, public speaker, and educator. With over 15 years as an educator, cause marketer, trainer in cultural competency, and creator of content designed to inspire, inform, and ignite passion to action, Michael has performed, keynoted, and taught at large scale and intimate events internationally and domestically within the US.

With five books in print, as well as stage and short film credits as a writer, producer, and performer, Michael is a gifted and prolific creative with a unique style that brings the lyricism of natural language alive with humorous and incisive commentary on the human experience. Michael is the Head of School of the Bishop John T. Walker School for Boys in Washington, D.C. 

a performance read of Jim Huckleberry

an interview about Jim Huckleberry

Mike Performs his original spoken word piece "Be Encouraged"


Jim Huckleberry branches from the episodic plot of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by telling a closely related story arc through the thoughts and experiences of Jim, Huck’s enslaved runaway companion. From Jim’s brief impulse to kill Huck to protect himself against betrayal, to thoughts of rescuing his family to the young black nation of Haiti, to his final act of taking the name Huckleberry as a root of his new legacy, Jim Huckleberry gives the character Jim new depth and complexity. The narrative is filtered through Jim’s lyrical, poetic voice, which serves as a foil to the exaggerated ‘black dialect’ that stains Twain’s work. Jim Huckleberry is a literary work of rhymed, rhythmic prose anchored in an American masterpiece as it reflects on the roots of present day Black/White race dynamics.